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New Music Video

And there it is! The new music video for the song "Alike". Please share it if you like it ;)

Thanks #VentsMagazine for the Premiere!


And thanks to the crew:

Production: What the frame studio

Grip, lightning and camera: To the Moon

Director: Benjamin Reynoso

Assistant Director/scenario : Nawal El Youssoufi

Camera Operator: Somkiat Gualano

Editor : Benjamin Reynoso

Color grading : Somkiat Gualano

Actors: Aurélien Milcamps, Alexandra Grillo

Special thanks: La Zinzinerie, Anna Nguyen, T Mai Dinh, Stephan Bertrand, Amira Bouiech, Ilyas Filali, Laurent Sum, Pascal Poidevin, Ioannis Narliotis, Savas Lavis Valsamis, Alessandro Grumelli, Jean Stainier, Vishal Yadav

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